Stress Management Tools for Teachers

7 Strategies for Surviving (and THRIVING) in spite of the Stress you may feel.

Take advantage of this program designed just for you.

Learn 7 proven stratgies for managing your end-of-year stress at school with ease.

Develop strength and resilience by discovering the peace found in...

1) Managing your mindset (and your attitude).

2) Creating healthier habits (staying physically strong & well).

3) Controlling your environment at home and at work.

4) Managing your workload more effectively.

5) Using the 5-Second Rule (by Mel Robbins).

6) Setting better boundaries.

7) Asking for help when you need it.

A 7-week mini course on how to not just survive the final weeks of school but

thrive and enjoy yourself in the process.

Just $97 one-time investment for life-time access to all 7 modules. 

Bonus:  A live, group coaching call for all participants for Q&A thrown in during last module.

 (OR take advantage of the payment plan:  2 payments or $57 each.)

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